American Idol for the Glory of God #2

Reason #2. AI reminds me always that in life, there is a standard that we have to meet. And in life as much as in heaven, we would all be judged based on a standard.

The bad news is: The standard in heaven is so much higher. People cry in AI when they fail to be recognized by the judges but in the life ahead, people would gnash their teeth in dismay when they learn they never ever met the standard that God requires.

AI demands that there should be talent.  But the Bible demands PERFECT TALENT.  And there is only one victorious  who is able to claim that. Do you know who He is?

1 thought on “American Idol for the Glory of God #2

  1. nice one doc … about the American Idol. People are just concentrating on what they can achieve here on Earth…. treasures here, but they do not mind saving treasures in heaven… and we can do that only through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Hopefully many people will realize that … with the grace of God.


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