Incredible! Mabuhay! Michael Horton in Manila

I have invited one of my virtual mentors, Michael Horton to come to the Philippines and he would be coming this January 29-30 to speak in a conference in Quezon City.

I pray that all of you who are reforming in their faith, who are fans of the WHITE HORSE INN, who love Calvinistic theology, to be there.

By the way, to be completely true here…I didn’t really invite him.  I was just led to find this website…(and that was not by accident, hehehe…Calvinistic me, hehehe…)

1 thought on “Incredible! Mabuhay! Michael Horton in Manila

  1. are you gonna attend this 2 day seminar?? … on jan 30 we will be with the praying mommies of BWS .Husbands and kids included. can’t make it =(((((


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