Using God

Genesis 27:20 (ESV)

20 But Isaac said to his son, “How is it that you have found it so quickly, my son?” He answered, “Because the Lord your God granted me success.”

Have you ever felt used? Yun bang ginamit ka ng ibang tao sa kanilang personal na interes? Here is Jacob using the name of God in order to accomplish an evil goal. What a way to use God’s name! But have you ever done that?

Have you ever seen or heard people swear by the Bible and then commit so many lies?  Or perhaps you are not even aware that people swear by the Bible.  In courts and hearings for example, witnesses are asked to raise their hands and cite the name of God for help in finding the truth. “I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth…So help me God.”

It is so despicable to even cite the name of God and then do dastardly acts of deceit.  Jacob here demonstrates this kakapalan, callousness, this insensitivity to name of God most high.  But then… have you ever said something you cannot do and cited God as a guarantee?

Or, are you a Christian and then do evil deeds in public? Or did you ever earn trust because you’re a Christian, and yet you  forgot your promises? The very name of Christ is being carried and yet used by us.  I went to the bookstore last night and saw one of Stephen Covey’s bestseller, The Speed of Trust.  I browsed it only very quickly but it seems it’s saying, “When you earn the trust of someone, your transactions become easier and when you do, business flourishes. So earn it.”  Christians are trusted, but even the best of them do fail.

What another sobering thought.  Christians bear the name of Christ, not just in words but also in their deeds.  And when we do badly, we bring nails to the Innocent Hands all the more.

No wonder He was crucified.  He has to pay the penalties of God-users like me.

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