3 Sure Signs You Are a Modern-Day Calvinist

Last week, I just attended the Putting Amazing Back Into Grace Conference with Michael Horton in Manila and while going thru the proceedings and talks, I realized three commonalities among the attendees. Just watching from a corner, I thought of two kinds of Calvinists, the traditional and the modern-day.

You know you’re a modern-day Calvinist when:

3. You frequent the book store stands even if you have no money.
A Calvinist would rather go hungry rather than miss a good theological book. He even considers that fasting, how’s that?

2. When Christ is mentioned, you cannot be a moderator and be moderate, even in the face of Dr. Michael Horton and Dr. Anacleto Carag.
A modern-day Calvinist cannot help but preach Christ! This was ably demonstrated by the two pastors “moderating” the Open Forum. I was so blessed because in the face of rising polemical tension generated by a question about Christ-centered preaching, they weren’t so content with the answers given by Horton and Carag. One read Luke 24 and one could not help but give his two-cents worth, which left the two WSC panelists mum. Talk of passion! Passion has beaten Degrees.

1. You love the White Horse Inn.
You don’t qualify yet to be a Modern-Day Calvinist if you don’t know this show. There’s nothing wrong with being just a plain Calvinist but you’re missing a lot if you haven’t heard of this blessing of a show. For countless times, it had made me think, made me laugh, made me a better amateur theologian (and sometimes made me just cry out of the plain beauty of the doctrines of grace and why we should believe them.)

(This show is composed of 1 saved Baptist and 2 Reformed theologians and 1 Lutheran, hehehe… just kidding. This blog is partially inspired by the show. Theology Matters in the Ordinary Life.)


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