Xerox for the Glory of God or How My Wife’s Business Made Vivid the Cross

My wife is actually engaged in the photocopying business. She opened a little shop that offers the most affordable photocopy services in our area.

Yesterday morning, she requested me to buy 10 bundles of substance 20 paper.  Now paper is just paper and it’s light but if you get to carry 5,000 sheets with substance 20, that’s really a bit heavy.

She called me up first thing in the morning and then I had to go to the supplier without breakfast.  I also woke up with a slight headache that morning.

Now I have to carry these bundles one by one.

And more than that, I was catching my breath for every bundle that I carried to my vehicle.  As I counted the steps towards the supplier seen at the end of the alley, I counted a total of 84 steps. That means 84 steps to and fro with the latter ones with the heavy load on my shoulders.

And then as I did… It struck me.  Jesus carrying the cross.

As I carried each bundle towards my car, can you imagine how it was torturous having a headache as you are carrying a heavy load?  The headache throbs! Like each burdened heavy step is punctuated by the headache or vice-versa.  Each step = a throb, ouch! Step, throb, step, throb, ah!!! what a headache.  And here was I, partly hating this request from my wife and partly hating the headache.  I remembered our Lord…he had a headache too.  And it was even more painful because it was a piercing set of thorns.

I had to ask for our office assistant to carry them as I reached our shop later.

While carrying these bundles, I kinda felt a certain sense of humility.  Here was I, a Doctor of Medicine, carrying heavy loads of paper as a menial work man.  I mean, there’s nothing denigrating about being a man who do manual labor but it was definitely humbling.  If my colleagues would see me, they would probably shake their heads and then suggest that I should have hired someone who could carry those and help me.

But then, humbling as it may seem – a doctor acting like a manual laborer, the picture became more vivid.  What if you’re the Creator of all that exists, and here you are being born as a carpenter? Nothing wrong with being a carpenter but have you ever seen a carpenter’s house?

And then, can you recall the time of Jesus’ arrest? It was dawn. Have you ever asked if he took breakfast?  Of course he didn’t!  I felt the pangs of hunger as I was carrying those bundles.  Jesus was often called a glutton by His foes because He appreciated food.  How does it feel to carry heavy loads without a good breakfast meal?

I had no breakfast...and there was chowking on the side.

...and macdonald's in front..

And all of this I felt, as I was carrying all of these bundles.  I was complaining and then I realized, what have I to complain about?  Because when you think about it, great and greater loads have been carried by the Doctor of the Universe, not to mention with a more massive headache and hunger.

Why would I have to carry these load? Well, the answer is: profit.  These would earn income for my family.  Income that we don’t have yet, but expected to be acquired when all of these would turn up to be photocopied documents.

I had to ask for our office assistant to carry them as I reached our shop later.

And then I ask, why would Jesus have to carry all the load?  There is no profit he would earn, because he lacked nothing. There is practically no reason.

What was the motive for all of these?  My mouth is shut as I wonder and scamper for rationales.  There is no rational explanation.

Except perhaps, love.

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