One Shooting in SM Iloilo

You know when a noise brews something bad. I was in SM Iloilo yesterday, wondering if I would buy some fruits but then I encountered something I just see in movies. There was a shoot out and I almost got caught in the middle!

First there were three loud bullet shots, PAK! PAK! PAK!

I surveyed what was happening whether it was just firecrackers or just structure falling or what. And then there was another PAK! PAK!

I knew they were gunshots. And I guess the rest of the people because they started to run and in about 3 seconds, people are all outside the mall. Some ladies were crying, and men were catching their breaths together with me.

And then there was exchanges among the crowd who turned back to look a good distance away from the doors of SM. It was dark but you can see the unmistakeable mark of panic among the people. By this time, the SM crowd as well as the people in the nearby streets were all transfixed on bright windows of shops that line up the SM walls.

I felt alone.

The dialect is Ilonggo and everyone assumes I’m one of them. Some guy about my age, even attempted a short talk to diffuse the tension. But I just remained silent, which he took as just understandable, I guess. You don’t really expect people to be talkative after a shootout that you all escaped.  All I can make up is that two men have met in the CR and then started shooting at each other.

At the end of the commotion, two men were accosted via a makeshift stretcher out of the mall. I was not sure if either of them was dead.

Another day in my life. I just realized one thing though. One bullet may have strayed and got in my way and right then and there, I  may be one of those being delivered out in a stretcher.

But you don’t think about those things until after all is settled. I walked out and away from the scene after having witnessed enough.

Walking alone towards my hotel, caught in so much wonder…What if?……  One shooting reminded me of one sure thing.  It made indelible of how much I am so unmindful of the way the Lord protects in the many small unnoticeable ways of His.  I could have been right there just feet away where those two men were exchanging shots, directly in between the crossfires, but thank the heavens I was not!  I was thinking and thanking the Lord for all the times He kept me safe, even now as I’m typing all of these.

As well as for tomorrow when I will surely take for granted His preservations while being busy with everyday things.

6 thoughts on “One Shooting in SM Iloilo

  1. When I left Iloilo yesterday, there was news that one of the shooters was dead and the other one was left in a critical state. Sad news. Guns kill.


  2. Hi Cuz,,,,,oh well really God protects us from harm, in a lot more ways and often, we do not even know of. We just can’t help but be amazed and most of all thankful!


    • Thanks cuz. The Lord is really good in many ways. Even in the midst of failures and accidents. Sometimes they come in rug clothes but they are blessings in disguise.


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