Steve Jobs and Our Finitude

AP File Photo

Steve Jobs just resigned hours ago. My computer is presently a Macbook Pro and honestly, I’ve been so happy with this piece of Steve Jobs. I admire what Steve Jobs has done with Apple. Somehow, the world over, Apple has transformed computing.

I’m still a PC user but I am now a Mac Convert since around two years ago. I don’t think the Apple hierarchy welcomed Jobs’ resignation.  However, Steve has to resign because of his battle with pancreatic cancer.

I wouldn’t want Steve to resign. I have no stakes in Apple, mind you. But the things that happened during his tenure were remarkable. If that is my feeling, I know much more so Steve Jobs, not to mention the Apple geeks. (Except perhaps the beneficiaries of Jobs’ resignation).

What has become apparent in all of these is that what we want is not really what happens most of the time. We can plan, we can act, we can dream, we can work our souls out, but in the end, it’s all in God’s hands. God can thwart all our grand plans and topple them, YES, even if you worked all your means to make sure it goes well.

If you don’t believe that, then let me remind you: Did you ever have a diarrhea during an important event in your life? Diarrhea can maim even an athlete so ready for his competition.

And that’s just diarrhea. I’ve even not started on pancreatic cancer yet.

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