When Sinners Say “I Do”

When Sinners Say ‘I Do

The above is a link for an outstanding resource (from Justin Taylor’s blog) for married couples. I have yet to survey them and listen to them all but I’m sure they would help so many couples who want to attend a “seminar” on their relationship.

I would try to give you updates on these materials as I read them in the coming days.

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American Idol for the Glory of God 3

Watching American Idol as I said in earlier posts, reminds me so much of theology.

For example, this show reminds me on how much we, as humans, hate criticism.  It reminds me that humans, since the Fall of Humanity, have sought to entertain only lofty thoughts about himself.  Therefore any attempt to make us realize the inadequacy we have is faced with so much anger, rejection, and resistance.

Isn’t it so bad to hear bad news?

But wait, some Good News came. Do you want hear it?