When Sinners Say “I Do”

When Sinners Say ‘I Do

The above is a link for an outstanding resource (from Justin Taylor’s blog) for married couples. I have yet to survey them and listen to them all but I’m sure they would help so many couples who want to attend a “seminar” on their relationship.

I would try to give you updates on these materials as I read them in the coming days.

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Sweethearts for a Lifetime Day 01

And so I went to buy a brother a book for his ministry.  But then I came across another book that I bought this time for my wife and me.

Sweethearts for a Lifetime

Sweethearts for a Lifetime

My wife and I made certain arrangements to read a chapter or so everytime we can despite the busy schedules.  Day 01 started with the Chapter called, “Fulfilling God’s BluePrint for Marriage.”  Basically, the main theme of this chapter is: COVENANT making.  What is the essence of marriage?  Sex? Companionship? Children?

As we read it, we realize that the essence of marriage of is: COVENANT making.  It’s a promise.  Promise that whatever happens each one would stay there for each other.  In heaven, there would be no marriages.  So what is the function of marriage? Well, aside from procreation which is not really the main reason because there are childless couples, and aside from companionship, the function of marriage is for God to showcase theology to us.

The theology of Christ loving His wife, the church.

The theology of God loving His bride, Israel.

There are no more marriages in heaven…except the Marriage of the Lamb to His Bride, the Church.   Sometimes, I’m tempted to think that Christ is so obsessed with us, He doesn’t want any competition.  He wants us, the church, and individually for Himself alone.

Now, if you can just ponder that… that’s Covenant Love.  It would never fade.  Covenant Love for me, faithful and true. For me, so faithless and unreal.