Why Is This Happening to Me?

I was looking at the books in my library and in a random pick, I came across the lines,

When things seem to be going wrong in our lives, our enemy likes to plant a second joy-killing question: Why is this happening to me? It may be a health issue, a family problem, or some other disappointment, but the struggle makes you wonder why God would allow such a thing to happen to you.

God wants you to know that your suffering is not meaningless. It will produce perseverance, character, and hope. God will use the hardest things in your life to achieve something of infinite value. God can make the points of greatest pain in your life the place in which He creates a remarkable resemblance of Jesus Christ in you.

If you have understood that the whole of this life is a preparation for eternity, this will not be disappointing to you. God’s purpose is not just that you will be in glory, but that glory will be in you.

If you can see that, then you will be able to rejoice in God even through the hardest days of your life. You may look up to God through your tears, but you will be able to say, “Thank You that this is not the end, but only a painful passage on the way to all You are preparing for me.”

Smith, C. S. (2002). Unlocking the Bible Story Vol.4 Chicago, IL: Moody Press. page 50

He was actually commenting on Romans 5.

Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. (vv. 3–4)

A great and wonderful read in the middle of a rough day.


Lessons from a Quadriplegic (or Blessings from a Hurting Foot)

Like all of you, I have my shares of down days.  True to the curse of the Bible, problems abound in this life.  Recently, I had my share of misfortunes. Business went bad and for a couple of people, I had been a villain.  I didn’t want to, and I didn’t intend to.  In fact, let me say, I wasn’t. But you know, like all fallen humanity, I esteem myself too much often.  So, let me say, perhaps I was a villain.  Doubtless, I have my evils but then when I look back, I think for the most part, I did what I could do best not to let the evils spread, whether mine or otherwise.

But misfortunes don’t always come in big packages with a lot of complexities. For example, have you ever  struck your little toe on the edge of a chair or a bed?  Uuughh… hurts, don’t it? Have you ever thank the Lord for it?

I had the chance to listen to an audiobook recently, Place of Healing: Wrestling With the Mysteries of Suffering, Pain, and God’s Sovereignty by Joni Erikson Tada.  It recounts the new pains suffered by a quadriplegic.  Christian Audio has recently given the world a free download of it. (It’s free, and if I were you, I would download it. Sorry for a short notice but it ends by the end of this month.)

There are many times defeat would make you realize how sad this life is. But then, when you come to think of it, there are many blessings we forego to consider as just given.  Have you ever thanked the Lord for hurting? Long ago, I had read another book written by Phillip Yancey and Dr. Phillip Brand titled, The Gift of Pain, where they said, pain is a gift from God that reminds us that there is something wrong.

In a leper colony, Dr. Brand has ruminated on the blessings that pain enable us to do, as opposed to the loss of pain that lepers suffer.

Now as to Joni’s book, I was incredibly blessed. Some of my pains have seared my days but it was ok. I was managing my affairs as best as I can.  When I (audio) read Joni’s book, I celebrated my freedoms and counted my blessings.

Thank you Joni. You don’t know me, but I was blessed by your book. You actually have made me realize how a spoiled man I am, complaining to God when I have so many things to be thankful for, two functional legs and two arms for starters.  You have made careless people like me appreciate the blessings in the ordinary life.

Truly God is wise to have chosen you to be a bearer of this challenge. Thru it, you have blessed so many people and have been an instrument  of the Lord to appease hearts that question his goodness.

Your story is such so powerful, it has enabled me to see hope and joy in the midst of pain…yes even in little moments when I get my foot hit in life’s lowly corners.